By Jarrod Drysdale

Here’s a quick list of the gear I use to produce videos in my design course and on Youtube.

USB Mic Preamp: Shure X2u

I’m not sure if they make these anymore (mine is 6-7 years old), but this works well for any kind of mic, since it has phantom power. It also lets me monitor the live audio via headphones if I need to. A newer alternative would be one of the Focusrite scarlett models.

Shotgun mic: Audio Technica AT875R

I use this anytime I need to be on camera. I can keep it about 12-16 inches from my face so it’s out of frame, but still get decent volume. I don’t even use a shock mount for it, just the mic clip that came with it. It picks up a little room echo, but I’m pretty happy with it.

Dynamic mic: Sure SM57 + pop filter

For when I don’t need to be on camera. It’s a dynamic mic so it picks up less background noise. The downside is that it does pretty poorly with plosives (like P sounds), and even with a pop filter those can be audible sometimes. But it’s great to have a dynamic mic because condensers pick up too much background noise (And I have a toddler rampaging in my house half the time I’m recording).

Condenser mic: Audio Technica AT3035 (cardioid pattern)

This model is no longer manufactured but it’s basically just a cheap large-diaphragm condenser mic. There are lots of cheap ones like this. It’s the best-sounding mic I have, but it picks up a ton of echo and background noise, so I use it the least. Also, with a pop filter, it blocks my entire face, so it’s worthless for video. I use a shock mount that came with it.

Other gear:

  • Six wall-mounted homemade sound panels (2ft x 4ft) to kill room echo. Expensive mics are worthless without a sound-treated room. I followed these instructions.
  • Standard floor mic stand
  • Mic clips that came with my microphones
  • Sand bags to keep from knocking over mic stand: fill some gallon freezer bags with sand.
  • Standard mic cables
  • 10-year-old Audio Technica studio headphones (new similar version would be something like ATH-M40x)
  • Camera: Panasonic Lumix GX1 (also old) + Lumix 20mm f/1.7 portrait lens


  • Adobe Premier
  • Adobe Audition (auto-heal is incredible)

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