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Design is a skill everyone can learn.
I teach design practice and theory to designers and learners of all experience levels.

I've enjoyed your book [Bootstrapping Design] immensely. I keep recommending it to folks. It's the single best reference I can give a developer to help them understand design in a nutshell.

Nathan Kontny, CEO of Highrise, Creator of Draft

If you have to work with designers, stop everything and read this book [My Designer is Driving Me Crazy!]. Even if you think you're great at working with designers, you'll learn something valuable from this book.

Hiten Shah, cofounder of KISSmetrics & CrazyEgg
Theory Sprints

Online Course: Theory Sprints

for designers & design learners

What if your design skills aren't good enough? You want more exciting design projects, a job at your dream agency, higher pay, and complete creative autonomy. But your design portfolio isn't good enough to earn you those opportunities. TheorySprints will help you become a better designer so you can finally get hired to make the important, beautiful design you know you are capable of. (And make more money too.)

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Discontinued Products

cover of Off The Chopping Block

eBook: Off The Chopping Block

for designers

When your darling design is on the chopping block and revisions seem impossible to avoid, use these nine methods to wrest back control. This is a guide to ending the painful design revision cycles that many designers believe are impossible to avoid.

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cover of My Designer Is Driving Me Crazy

eBook: My Designer Is Driving Me Crazy!

for designers & non-designers

Create amazing design together. An ebook for designers to gift to their clients. Helps designers to train people of every job role to work together inside the creative process.

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cover of Bootstrapping Design

eBook: Bootstrapping Design

for design learners

Bootstrapping design has earned 6-digit sales and thousands of readers in dozens of countries. My first ebook, it teaches design fundamentals to anyone looking to learn design, but especially non-designers who are bootstrapping a side business or solo project.

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logo of Landing Page in a Day

Service: Landing Page in a Day

for businesses

A productized freelance design service where I wrote, designed, and coded a 1-page website in 1 day for $1000. Hundreds of clients joined the waiting list. Eventually, I shut down the service to focus on long-term consulting.

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logo of Cascade


for businesses & technical founders

Cascade was a 'design framework' or 'ui kit' built on top of the Bootstrap framework. It included many interchangeable design styles such as font pairings, color schemes, layouts, logo designs, and graphics. Cascade earned $10k in sales, and after 7 relaunches and slashing the price in half, I discontinued the product, unable to keep the framework maintained with low interest.

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logo of Knack

Software: Knack for Teachers

for school teachers and educators

Knack was my first product. A web-based gradebook for teachers with analytics and charting features. I designed, built, and marketed the entire startup myself. After working on it for a year and only earning 5 paying customers, I shut it down. The post-mortem article topped Hacker News and earned me job offers from several famous people.

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cover of Design's Iron Fist

Free eBook Design's Iron Fist

for designers & design learners

Design's Iron Fist is a collection of essays with advice for both design learners and professional designers. It's been featured as one of the best free design books by the Creative Bloq and the AIGA.

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Free Crash Course: The Tiny Designer

for designers & non-designers

A free 5-week crash course. One for designers. One for non-designers.

The Tiny Designer is an email crash course about the big (monumental, even) design that we can make together. Non-designers will learn the important parts of design, so that you can understand what designers do, achieve your goals, and better communicate your ideas. Designers: learn to teach and guide others through your design process so they'll better appreciate what you do.

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