Some of my projects, including both products I’ve released and client work.

Mod&Dot is a new tool for saving and sharing devtools edits. Use it to fine-tune design implementation, share ideas, and review live websites. Learn more.

Product In Public is where I share every lesson, failure, and hopefully success on the way to turning my latest product into a sustainable business. Check out the site.

Proximity School is my online design school. Learn design fundamentals, product design process, and how to get hired. Check out the site.

Client work sample.

Client work sample.

An ebook I wrote for designers about handling revision requests and setting client expectations. (No longer available.)

Client work sample.

Cascade was my 2nd solo startup, closed in 2015.

Client work sample.

My free email course about design collaboration. Get it here.

My second solo project, which earned with 6-digit gross sales. Read about the launch here.

My first solo product was an online gradebook with analytics for teachers. Read the (semi-bitter) post-mortem.

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