To most businesses, design is an expense and a distraction from your core expertise. I’ll help you turn design into one of your most valuable assets—a source for new awareness, revenue, and profits.

My design process is about earning results. From defining the project down to every minor detail in the design, every decision is about accomplishing something within your business. Together we’ll make something effective and beautiful that your customers will love.

Your business needs a fixer.

Too many business owners are stuck putting out fires instead of making strategic decisions. Let me put out your fires so you can steer the ship.

If you are wondering whether I can handle your project, the answer is yes. I can solve any challenge your business has. Want ways to get more newsletter subscribers? Increase your conversion rate? Launch a new feature? Sure, I can do that. Web design? Copywriting? Branding? Coding? Content marketing? Product design? Yes. Something else? Yes.

I am a designer and generalist writer, coder, and marketer. I can mesh with your dev team and speak their language. I can adapt to new challenges facing your business and fit gaps your team can’t cover. Or, I can often handle all aspects of the project for you at once. (In the uncommon case I can’t complete every aspect of a project, I’ll refer a specialist I trust and direct their work to ensure quality, so you’re never left juggling unreliable freelancers.)

Case Study: Redesigning a 2-Year-Old SaaS with No Customers

Before I met Jarrod, my concept was disorganized and unfocused. He has helped me by cleaning up our value proposition, organizing our product offering, and refining our sales funnel. His design acumen has been integral in developing our product offering. I have grown to respect his input greatly.

Joshua Renken, Founder of PracticeWater

Josh came to me with an online software product he’d been building for 2 years, looking for a redesign and marketing strategy after struggling to gain traction.

My advice to him? “Don’t hire me for this.” And so began a 3-year (and counting) partnership.

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Getting the right design doesn’t have to be so hard.

Usually when you hire a designer, you have no clue what to expect or what the design will end up looking like.

I remove guesswork from the design process. I’ll work with you to define the design you need and that your customers will love. And when I start working on it, I’ll keep you involved in key decisions so you know you’re getting exactly the right design.

Jarrod is the only person I've worked with who actually delivers his work on time, when he says he will.

Anthony James, Founder and CEO of Linux Academy

Make the last design you’ll ever need.

The design industry is built on cycles of wasteful redesign, but I’ll help you build a design that lasts and keeps earning results over the long term.

I won’t try to sell you a redesign if you don’t really need one. I can work within existing design systems, help you revise your current design, and/or help you start over with a redesign if you really need to. I’ll advise you on which path is the best use of your budget.

I’ll work with you to protect your original investment into your design and unlock its full potential through analysis, optimization, and refinement.

No more redesigns every time you launch a new feature. No more paying for a costly redesign every year or two while seeing your design grow stale, incorrect, and ineffective in between.

It’s been great working with Jarrod. He’s experienced, professional, and knows how to write about technology and the creative industry. I’d recommend him to anyone who needs help with copywriting, marketing, or web design.

Jorn van Djik, Founder at Framer, previously product design at Facebook and Sofa

Selected clients

  • Framer
  • Personal Capital
  • Bloomberg
  • Scottrade
  • Intuit
  • State Farm
  • McDonald’s
  • Kraft Foods
  • New Line Cinema

How can I help you?

If you’re interested in working together, drop me an email. I’ll ask you a few quick questions and then we’ll schedule a call to discuss your project.

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